Who is eligible for this training

This training is applicable to tourism and hospitality employees, healthcare and essential workers hosted through the Ubuntu Beds platform, and permitted business travelers and holders of permits

  • Business owners operating in tourism and hospitality in South Africa

  • Employees working in accommodations and restaurants which are open during Level 3 of the national lockdown

  • Business travelers and people permitted to travel during Level 3 of lockdown

Reasons to do this training

Covid-19 is here to stay, as business owners and employees in tourism and hospitality we must prepare ourselves for the new normal

  • Covid-19 Safety Verified

    Get your team back to work as efficiently and safely as possible. Your establishment is issued with a "Covid-19 Verified" certificate once all staff has been trained.

  • Covid-19 Responsibilities

    Learn how to protect yourself, your colleagues and guests no matter your role in tourism and hospitality. We each have a part to play.

  • Trust

    Domestic and inbound travelers trust that the information being reported daily on the safety of tourism establishments and destinations is accurate.

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What is it and How to stay safe